Our Team

Dr. Meghna Krishnan


Dr. Meghna Krishnan is a breast imaging fellowship trained, American Board of Radiology certified radiologist.

After completing diagnostic radiology residency from Yale University School of Medicine, Connecticut, in 2010, she graduated with fellowships in breast imaging and abdominal imaging from Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri in 2012.

Karen Umalin

Clinic Associate

Karen is a compassionate healthcare professional who is dedicated to improving women's health. With a diploma in Nursing and a background in Teleradiology scribing and US health insurance, Karen is honored to be part of the team at URPrecious 3D Breast Ultrasound. She is passionate about ensuring that women receive the utmost care they deserve and takes pride in empowering women to take charge of their own health and raising awareness about the importance of regular breast cancer screenings.

Eric Zingapan

Clinic Associate

My name is Eric and I have been a registered nurse since 2014. Compassion for the patients is at the core of my virtue and helping others gives me joy in my heart. I have been extensively trained and continuously guided by Dr. Krishnan to provide the best care to our patients.

Michelle Anne Imbong, RN

Clinic Associate

Michelle is a passionate and self-directed person. Having worked as a nurse and as a teacher, she learned to be responsible for various aspects of her life. Balancing her role as an educator, as a nurse and as a mother, she has learned to be a manager of her own path.

Joyce Ann Bago, RN

Clinic Associate

Joyce has been a registered nurse since 2012. She has experience in both Hospital and Clinic settings. She has a compassionate heart and is a great listener. Providing quality healthcare service is her passion. 

Evelin Marquez-Lopez

Ultrasound Technologist

With compassion and skill as an experienced sonographer, I am dedicated and excited to be part of the team of serving our patients.