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Insurance billing

  • We are now in network with Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Aetna insurances. We will be in network with Cigna from July 1, 2024 and with United healthcare from September 1, 2024. You can self book your appointment through our website or by calling 602-878-7501. To allow insurance billing for your exam, we will additionally need a referring provider order directly faxed to our number (480) 685-9920. At the time of your appointment, we do collect the contracted cost share such as deductible, coinsurance and copay, as relevant to your insurance.
  • ​​​​​​​We are working to join in network with other insurances and will update you when available.
  • For patients with other insurances, we can provide a Super bill that you may submit to your insurance for reimbursement towards out of network benefits. No MD order or referral is needed for out of network or cash pay patients.

Cash price rates

Service Pricing
Single breast 3D/2D Ultrasound with Shear Wave Elastography $195
Both breasts 3D/2D Ultrasound with Shear Wave Elastography $390
REMS Echolight Ultrasound Bone densitometry and bone quality assessment with Fragility score $199
Complete Abdominal Ultrasound with with Shear Wave Elastography $250
Extremity/Soft tissue Ultrasound with Shear Wave Elastography $195
Limited Abdominal Ultrasound with Shear Wave Elastography $195
Thyroid Ultrasound with Elastography (TIRADs reporting issued) $250
Carotid Ultrasound $250
Neck Ultrasound with Shear Wave Elastography $250
Cyst Aspiration $350
Ultrasound guided core needle biopsy $800
Second opinion read $250
"All Ultrasound exams will be read by American Board of Radiology certified fellowship trained breast and body imaging radiologist, Dr. Meghna Krishnan, who will be available for direct consultation. Know results before you leave. Final report will be issued within 24 to 48 hours. "
UR Precious 3D Breast Ultrasound flyerUR Precious 3D Breast Ultrasound flyer
Membership Rates
Per Exam Rate
Monthly Fee 1 Breast 2 Breasts
Tier 1 $25 $50 $100
Tier 2 $50 $0 $0
"One time nonrefundable membership initiation fee of $100. A complimentary 15 minute consultation with Radiologist is included for all exams, if needed. "
Non-Membership Rates
Per Exam Rate
1 Breast 2 Breasts
$195 $390

​​​​​​​Membership plans may provide significant cost savings for women who would like or need frequent breast Ultrasound exams like those with frequent palpable lumps, frequent breast pain, multiple cysts felt as palpable lumps, dense breasts, breast implants, 3 to 6 month follow up of probably benign masses, strong family history of breast cancer, personal history of breast cancer, or are undergoing surveillance of known malignancy.

​​​​​​​All breast Ultrasound exams will be read by board certified fellowship trained breast imaging radiologist.

All breast Ultrasound exams will include a complimentary 15 min consultation with board certified fellowship trained breast imaging radiologist to go over the results, if requested.

Patients will be able to upload the images and reports of their available prior outside imaging like mammograms, MRI or other relevant exams, through the secure portal on the website to help the radiologist with interpretation of these Ultrasound exams.

The radiologist may recommend obtaining additional imaging like mammogram, breast MRI, biopsy or consultation with a breast surgeon which can be obtained at an outside facility of patient preference.

If you fail to attend, cancel, or reschedule your appointment within 24 hours of the scheduled time, a fee of $50 will be charged as a no-show penalty. This measure aims to foster a culture of consideration for others in our community, ensuring that those who could have benefited from the examination are given the opportunity at an earlier time had your appointment been made available to them.

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